Knowledge Mobilization and Interdisciplinarity: A rant

KMb and interdisciplinarity

Whether intentionally or not, the discourse about interdisciplinarity that universities and funding agencies have adopted is deeply misleading.

The downside

Demonstrable impact translates into number of citations and ranking of the journals (which also depends on citations).

Just think about it: why would a journal want to publish research that takes so long to have an impact in a discipline with an already low rate of citations?

The interdisciplinarity of Social Sciences, Humanities and Health, compared. The chart uses the index of citations and references to disciplinary fields outside the original per year in different subfields. Less external references and citations appear in the left bottom quadrant. More, in the top right quadrant.

Walk the walk

The point of my rant is quite simple really: If we want to talk the talk… we also have to walk the walk.



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