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  • Angela Contreras

    Angela Contreras

    Department of Educational Studies, The University of British Columbia. Location: Canada; otherwise Mesoamerica.

  • Reecha Bharali

    Reecha Bharali

    Being for better

  • Trina Moore Pervall

    Trina Moore Pervall

    UX Researcher & Designer advocating for social equity in technology through inclusive design. You can also find me on uxforthewin.stubstack.com

  • Christopher Chabris

    Christopher Chabris

  • Vivianne Castillo

    Vivianne Castillo

    UX Researcher. Humanity in Tech Advocate-Warrior. Founder of HmntyCntrd (www.hmntycntrd.com). Choosing courage over comfort.

  • Darin Buzon

    Darin Buzon

    working with letters, darinbuzon.info

  • Milana Stanic

    Milana Stanic

    UX Designer by day, strange creature at night. All opinions expressed here are my own, they do not belong to any of my current or former employers.

  • Corina Paraschiv

    Corina Paraschiv

    Mixed Methods Design Researcher and Podcaster at “Different by Design” (officially launched this summer!) and “Healthcare Focus”.

  • Kai Zimmermann

    Kai Zimmermann

    Content Designer | UX Writer

  • Ananda Nadya

    Ananda Nadya

    They said curiosity killed the cat, but I’d rather know things than nothing at all

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