Drawing soundscapes

The making of Vuzak 101

  • I decided to create all the pieces in a red and blue duotone, which would make it easier for me to produce a stereo effect but would also be reminiscent of the traditional colours in anaglyphs (stereoscopic images).
  • I decided to work with a square image of 2520 × 2520 pixels. The reason for this particular resolution responded to a. the need for having a number of pixels that would result in a discrete number of seconds, which meant that it would have to be divisible by 44100 (Hz, or samples per second) and b. the need to have a number with enough factors to provide a variety of “tones”. The resulting tones are, understandably, unconventional.
  • I decided to avoid editing or mastering the resulting audio file. As a result, the audio is quite rough.

The making of Soundflake

This image is a .jpg version of the .raw file, which can be imported in some photo editing software and audio editing software.
Composite production layers of Soundflake. Top: Red channel (right). Bottom: Blue channel (left)



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